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The Group's Medical Industry Has Been Recognized By All Circles

Dalian Eaulier hospital is located in China's beautiful coastal city of dalian jinshitan AAAAA national tourist resort. The hospital is located between mountains and sea, with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

The hospital has a strong medical technical force with more than 10 state-level qualified medical experts and regularly invites well-known foreign experts to give lectures, seminars and consultations.

The hospital mainly USES Eaulier systematic current therapy to treat diseases.

Hospital Introduction

Cheung Chun Luke

  Cheung Chun, Luke, the Chairman of Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd. He used the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians and Western Medicine spectral to create Eaulier systemic current treatment method. This method is a non-invasive therapy, which can repair the human cells, and improve the disease of Parkinson, cerebellar degeneration, sequela of brain problem, Diabetes Mellitus type 2, autism and bone problems. It is a legend in the medical field and enjoy a high reputation in the international medical community. In recent years, he has been invited as a speaker in the world’s top medical forums several times and interviewed by both CCTV and Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. He committed to promoting Chinese medicine culture and helping more people to stay away from the pain.

The Chairman of Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital

The chairman of the Group, 
Mr. Cheung Chun Luke, 
was invited by 
Phoenix HK Channel.

Speech Access

Accepted the special interview by CCTV Published the article related good effect for various brain problems by Eaulier systemic current treatment method

The chairman of the group, Mr. Cheung Chun Luke, was invited by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) to be the speaker of the 10th innovation forum.

The Group's Medical Industry Has Been Recognized By All Circles