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Improve Brain Disease

Zhang Fujin was born in Changchun City in 1946. He graduated from Air Force Medical University in 1969. He attended in an advanced study in the fifth People’s Hospital of Dalian (General Surgery) and Jilin Provincial Hospital (Department of Cardiology) for 1 year, respectively. He attended in an advanced study in Changchun People's Hospital (Electrical Diagnosis Department) and Dalian hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for half a year, respectively. He had participated in 1st national rehabilitation physical therapy class, 1st physician training class sponsored by Shen Yang military command and 1st preparatory English class for overseas military personnel sponsored by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) University of Foreign Languages for 1 year, respectively. He also attended the oral English class of Beijing Normal University for half a year. He was sent to Zambia by China PLA General Political Department as an expert of military doctors’ group from 1991 to 1993, where he worked in the MANASOKO hospital for 2 years.
Jin Xia Female, 55 years old, associate chief doctor. She specialized in diagnosis and treatment of cardiology disease and cancer. She had general practitioner qualification certificate. She specialized in hypertension, coronary heart disease. She had won the title of “advanced individual of 365-day safe medical practice” for 2 times of Dalian city.
Zhang Decai Male, 67 years old, bachelor’s degree. He graduated from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the department of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He engaged in clinical orthopedics for more than 30 years. He had full of clinical experience in the treatment of common and frequently-occurring orthopedic diseases. He was good at manipulative treatment of fracture and rehabilitation after fracture. He was now associate chief doctor.
Wang Tieyan Male, 61 years old, bachelor’s degree. He graduated from air force medical university in clinical medicine. He had been working in Surgery of People’s liberation army No. 203 hospital since 1983. He specialized in diagnosis and treatment of Surgical diseases and laparoscopic surgery. In 2000, he won the second prize for medical achievements of the people’s liberation army.
Wang Yu Male, 47 years old, physician, bachelor’s degree. He specialized in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, coronary heart disease, heart failure and arrhythmia. He was rich in clinical experience and participated in many research projects. He had published five papers and attended academic conferences in Dalian for many times.
Wang Shenjiang Male, 54 years old, college degree, medical imaging, physician. He was engaged in clinical and teaching work for 30 years. He had profound knowledge in medical imaging. He was good at the diagnosis diseases by DR, CT and MRI.
Xiao Jixing Male, 54 years old. He was graduated from Air Force Medical University. He majored in medical examination and worked as technologist-in-charge. He engaged in medical examination for more than 30 years. He was proficient in hematological tests, humoral tests, biochemical tests, immunological tests, and biological tests.
Zhang Yulong Male, department of rehabilitation. He was graduated from Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities in 2020, majored in rehabilitation technology. He was certified as a rehabilitation therapist in 2012. He was proficient in the treatment of central nervous system. He had experience in treating Parkinson’s disease for 5 years.
Li Jimin Male, 62 years old. He studied in Dalian railway school of pharmacy class from 1978 to 1982. He had engaged in drug dispensing, warehouse management, clinical medicine, etc. He had been awarded the advanced worker for many times.
Fu Xiumei Female, 59 years old, nurse-in-charge, member of Communist Party of China. She graduated from Dalian Health School. She had many papers in nursing during 38 years. She had awarded second prize of New technology book in the municipal level. She was familiar with first aid and clinical nursing of various disease.
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