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Treatment To Improve Brain Diseases

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Treatment Concept

Medical Certificate - 「Eaulier」 uniquely developed to repair cells and

help to improve a variety of chronic diseases


Activate brain cells, prevent brain problems and degeneration

Modern scientific research confirms that the transmission of information by the nervous system is accomplished. If the nerve cell potential is unbalanced, it will cause an increase in electrical resistance, hindering the transmission of information, and causing pain in the relevant nerves and related tissues. Eaulier therapeutic equipment can balance the potential of nerve cells in the brain, maintain the information transmission of the nervous system, and promote the recovery of damaged cells. It is very important for certain health problems, especially for the attentiveness. The problems are brain problems, hand and foot trembler, sequelae of brain disease, brain degeneration etc.


Get the meridian through, improve the microcirculation, and maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular healthy

If the human body's blood is smooth, Yin and Yang are balanced, and it can prevent all diseases. Since there is no smooth muscle on the capillary wall of the human body, and the general dilatation of blood vessels can only expand the blood vessels of the small and medium arteries. It is difficult to improve the microcirculation. Eaulier systemic therapeutic equipment can increase the blood flow of the human bodies, make the blood flow run smoothly, increase the blood supply of the important organs, and is extremely beneficial to the brain blood supply, myocardial insufficiency, and can improve liver and kidney functions.


Purify blood: activate enzymes in the body, discharge acidosis

After applying Eaulier systemic therapeutic equipment, the various cells in blood has increased the electrons. Red blood cells andplatelets will not aggregate and bond together. So that the blood flow is smooth, and the metabolites are expelled. Therebypurifying the blood and improving the blood viscosity. The deformability of blood cells is also increased. It is easier to pass smallcapillaries, improve systemic microcirculation, and make blood flow smoother, which reduces the load on the heart and helps theblood pressure of the human body to be healthy.


Eliminate and soothe various muscles and joints, pain, stiffness, weakness, etc.

The micro-current of the Eaulier systemic therapeutic equipment can make the pain and stiffness of the muscles disappear, improve the blood supply and activity of the muscle tissue, and have excellent efforts on the pain. 「Eaulier」systemic therapeutic equipment can make the pain and stiffness of the muscles disappear, improve the blood supply and active the muscle tissue. They have excellent effects on the pain, injury, fatigue, paralysis or atrophy. They have strong physical therapeutic effects. At the same time, when the lymphocyte power increases, the activity is greatly enhanced. It also plays a good role in lymphatics, which can discharge toxins in the human body in time and improve the immune function of the human body.


Strengthen muscle and joint function and improve degeneration

It can increase the absorption and utilization of calcium ions by the human body, promote the synthesis of collagen, enhance the vitality of osteoblasts, and supply the bone deficiency. It can repair and improve the damage, degeneration, vitality and blood circulation of bone cells,so that it can repair chondrocytes injure and gradually restored to health.


Improve sleep and relieve tension

It can keep the homeostasis of the body’s endocrine function and the brain’s excitement and inhibition. At the same time, it can improve the function of the pituitary gland, inhibit the excessive stimulation of the sympathetic nerves, relieve the stress of the mind, and release a lot of endorphins, relax the body and balance the mood, relieve fatigue and ease the body aches, improve headaches, insomnia and other symptoms.


Enhance memory, concentration, energy, etc.

It can improve the body’s immune function, help the body to scavenge free radicals, transform acidic body and improve sub-health status.Therefore, it is often used to keep fit, delay aging, and prevent disease. After using this therapeutic equipment, adolescents can improve thebrain’s nutrient supply, activate brain cells, enhance memory, concentration and educational equivalents. It helps improve academicperformance and enhances energy and work.


Accelerate fat metabolism and prevent obesity caused by lack of exercise

Keep a good body. Micro-current is input into the human body, which causes muscle contraction and movement, and activates lipase in the body, accelerates the decomposition and consumption of fat in the human body, and helps people to achieve weight loss.


Beneficial for people with blood sugar problems

After using「Eaulier systemic therapeutic equipment」,a large number of electrons can activate the sugar channels in which the cells of the whole body have failed: such as potassium, sodium, chlorine, water, etc. and the insulin secretion function of the pancreas increased. Blood sugar can enter the cells for metabolism to produce ATP, which can be used as a body repair function, including the vascular structure of the whole body.


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